Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe for Drains?

Let’s face it: as a homeowner constantly on the go, you probably don’t stop to think about all the food, hair, grease, and soap scum that goes down your drains. Unfortunately, this means a day may come when a clogged drain puts your busy schedule on hold.

When dealing with clogged drains, you most likely want the quickest solution. So your instinct might be to run to the store and purchase a chemical drain cleaner. However, you should think twice before putting that brightly-colored bottle in your shopping cart.

Now, you might ask yourself, “Are chemical drain cleaners safe for drains?” Unfortunately, the answer to this question is an absolute “no.” Although these products can be a quick fix for some drain blockages, they can create various problems for your plumbing system in the long haul.

Let’s discuss why drain cleaner is bad for pipes in more detail below.

How Do Chemical Drain Cleaners Work?

When you discover a clogged drain in your bathroom or kitchen, it’s easy to feel frustrated. After all, blockages can lead to foul odors, water backups, and general inconveniences within your home. If you ask your friend or neighbor what you should do to remove the drain clog quickly, they might recommend using store-bought liquid drain cleaners.

There’s no denying that these products are easy to find in your local convenience or home improvement store. But how do these drain cleaners work, exactly?

Before we can go over why drain cleaner is bad for pipes, it can be helpful to know how they work and what you can expect from them.

Why Is Drain Cleaner Bad for Pipes?

If you’ve been wondering if chemical drain cleaners are safe for drains, then you might be disappointed to learn that they can cause much more harm than good. In fact, your plumbing system can sustain serious damage that may require extensive repair or replacement.

When you pour liquid cleaners down your drains, they create chemical reactions that are designed to break down tough hair, grease, and food debris clogs. Unfortunately, these same chemicals can cause your pipes to deteriorate. This is especially true if you have plastic pipes, such as those made out of PVC.

Of course, your pipes aren’t the only part of your plumbing system that can suffer due to chemical drain cleaner use. You’ll also want to think about your garbage disposal and septic tank (if you have them). Unfortunately, these cleaning products can eat through the plastic components of garbage disposals and disrupt the bacteria ecosystem in your septic tank.

Sure, chemical drain cleaners can provide quick, effective relief from stubborn clogs. However, these products can leave behind lasting (and costly) effects. Not to mention, store-bought cleaners can put your family’s safety at risk as well.

Why Should You Avoid Drain Cleaners?

Although you might think chemical drain cleaners are safe for drains if you only use them once or twice, this is far from the truth. Using these products, even on an offhand occasion, can lead to plumbing damage — and negatively affect the health of your family members.

There’s no denying that drain cleaner is bad for your pipes, but you also want to think about the highly toxic nature of the chemicals they contain. If you or a family member happen to come into contact with these products, you can sustain burns, eye injuries, and more. Not to mention, the fumes can result in unexpected respiratory problems.

What Are Effective Alternatives to Drain Cleaners?

The good news is that there are many substitutes for store-bought drain cleaners. For example, you might want to consider making your own homemade drain cleaning solution with boiling water. One of the most common DIY drain cleaners includes baking soda and vinegar.

If you don’t think pantry staples and pouring hot water down the drain will do the trick, you can try to remove clogs with a drain snake or plunger. These items are common plumbing tools that you can find at almost any home improvement store.

Of course, scheduling a professional drain cleaning in Eugene, OR, is the best option. Your local plumber will provide you with a solution that tackles your specific drain blockage. There are many types of drain clogs, and sometimes, a specific type of tool or method may be needed to remove them effectively.

Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning Today!

Are chemical drain cleaners safe for drains? Hopefully, reading through this guide has helped you realize that the answer to this question is a resounding “no.” When it comes down to it, drain cleaner is bad for pipes, the environment, and the overall well-being of your family.

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