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How to Find the Main Sewer Line to Your House

It always pays to know the basics of your home’s plumbing system. One of the most critical components of this system is the main sewer line. If this line gets clogged or damaged, it could cause severe problems and pose health hazards. However, finding the main sewer line in your house may not be as easy as locating other plumbing fixtures. So, if you’re unsure where to look, read on to learn how to find the main sewer line to your house.

Where Is the Main Sewer Line Located?

One of the most common questions among homeowners is: where is the main sewer line located? The answer is simple: the main sewer line is an underground pipe that carries wastewater from your home to the municipal sewer or your septic tank. The location of this line usually depends on the plumbing system of the house and the local codes and standards.

Here are a few tips on how to find the main sewer line to your house:

1. Check Your Property Records

If you’re a new homeowner, your property records can reveal valuable information about your home’s plumbing system, including where the main sewer line is located. Check the documents you received during the purchase of the house to see if you can find any information about the main sewer line’s location.

2. Look for the Access Point

One of the easiest ways to locate the main sewer line is to find the access point. This is a point of entry to the sewer system that allows plumbers and professionals to gain access to the main sewer line. Typically, the access point is located in your backyard or near your home’s foundation. Look for a circular or rectangular plate with the words “sewer” or “cleanout” written on it.

3. Find Your Sewer Line from Your Drain Line

Your drain line is a crucial part of your plumbing system that connects your home’s interior drainage system to your main sewer line. Your drain line copies the path of your main sewer line and exits your home. By following the drain line, you can usually determine where the main sewer line is located.

4. Ask the Previous Owners

If you’re still wondering how to find the main sewer line to your house after using the above methods, the previous homeowners may have a clue as to where it is located. Try reaching out to them or consulting with your neighbors, as their piping may be similar to yours.

5. Call a Professional Plumber

Suppose you’re unable to find your main sewer line. In that case, you can always call a plumbing professional who has the skills and equipment necessary to locate the precise position of your sewer line. Our plumbers in Eugene, OR, can use pipe locators and other tools to determine the location of the main sewer line and whether there are any damages.

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