Introducing Our Streamlined Web Experience

Reynolds Electric and Plumbing is proud to welcome you to our newly refurbished website. Redesigned to offer an increasingly user-friendly experience with a streamlined navigation and an intuitive layout, the REi website offers a clear delineation of our comprehensive range of services across the residential, commercial, and light industrial sectors. You will also find case studies as well as updates on company and industry news.

In addition, you will also notice that our logo has changed. As our company has become part of the Reynolds Specialty Contracting conglomerate, our branding has changed to reflect our kinship with Kevin Cohen Plumbing, Inc., and Accurate Underground, Inc. The new website was designed with our new branding in mind and provides information about our history, organizational commitments, and connections within the RSC family.

To view our new site, visit www.reynoldsep.com