Do it Yourself – Leaky Pipes Edition.

If your leak is mild, there are some things you can do at home before calling in a plumber.  But before you do anything, turn off the water valve that connects to the leaking pipe. If your pipe is leaking from the nut that connects two pipe segments, grab a wrench and make sure it’s tight. This simple trick may be enough to fix some leaks. If not, unscrew the coupling nut that attaches the P trap to your sink’s pipe, and wrap plumber’s tape around the ridges on the pipe attachment. Reattach, and test the water.  If the leak is coming from a joint at the base, you can try epoxy putty to a clean and dry pipe for a watertight seal. If the leak is happening beneath a kitchen sink, check to see if the plumber’s putty under the strainer body’s rim has eroded, and replace it if so. Happy de-leaking!