Little kid flushing the toilet.

5 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

As busy homeowners, many of us don’t think twice about flushing certain items down the toilet. However, what we don’t realize is that some of these items can cause major problems to our sewer system and the environment.

Believe it or not, there are actually numerous things you should never flush down the toilet. As a result, you might be astounded by the type of items that aren’t actually meant to be disposed of in the toilet, which is why it’s important to learn. If you’re ready to start, let’s discuss what you can’t flush down the toilet.

Flushable Wipes

Among all the things you should never flush down the toilet, flushable wipes might be some of the most surprising. Contrary to their name, these wipes should never be flushed down the toilet. Unlike toilet paper, flushable wipes are made with stronger and tougher materials that do not easily break down in water. This causes them to get stuck in pipes and can create frustrating clogs. They can also cause damage to the sewer system and wreak havoc on the water supply.

Additionally, you should avoid flushing tissues and paper towels. Even though they’re made of paper, these items are fairly high up on the list of what you can’t flush down the toilet. In fact, these items don’t break down as easily and can cause major blockages in pipes and the sewer system. It’s important to dispose of them in the trash instead of simply flushing them down the toilet.

Cooking Grease

While it may seem like the most straightforward solution to just flush cooking grease down the sink drain or toilet, it’s actually one of the worst things you can do. Cooking grease can harden and adhere to the pipes, causing blockages in your sewer system. Over time, this buildup of grease can lead to significant issues and costly repairs.

Pads and Tampons

It may seem like tampons and pads should be able to be flushed down the toilet, but they can cause serious problems. These items are designed to absorb water, which means they can quickly cause blockages. Additionally, feminine hygiene products can create problems in the sewer system, and when they end up in waterways, they can be hazardous to marine life.

Cat Litter

Kitty litter may be designed to absorb moisture, but it is actually one of the things you should never flush down the toilet. Simply put, cat litter is made up of clay, which can cause serious blockages in your pipes. It’s important to dispose of kitty litter in a trash can and not flush it down the toilet. If you need to dispose of it, do so properly by placing it in a sealed garbage bag and then throwing it in the trash.

Hazardous Waste

If you wish to be more mindful of what you can’t flush down the toilet, then it’s important to know that you should properly dispose of hazardous waste. Think batteries, medications, cigarette butts, and chemicals. These items should never be flushed down the toilet or poured down the drain, as doing so can cause serious damage to the environment and harm to living organisms.

Let Our Plumbing Experts Fix Your Clogged Toilet

As you can see from this guide, there are many things you should never flush down the toilet. There are numerous items that can lead to clogs and blockages in your pipes and sewer system. These clogs can cause sewage backups, which can be costly and time-consuming to clean up. Additionally, these items can potentially cause damage to the environment and water supply.

Now that you’re familiar with what you can’t flush down the toilet, it’s time to evaluate your current situation. If you’re experiencing a clogged toilet, don’t hesitate to turn to the experts at Reynolds Electric & Plumbing. We’re proud to offer residential plumbing services that you can count on time and again. So no matter what plumbing problem you might have, rest assured that we can help.

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