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    Water Heater Tips

    We don’t like inefficient water heaters in this house. Here’s how to get the most out of yours. Insulating is key and only needs to be done once. First, be sure to turn off your water heater before you start this process. Pick up an insulating blanket and trim it...

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    Hydrojetting – How to know when it’s worth it.

    Hydrojetting is a blockage-busting technique that removes clogs, debris, scale, and grease from drain pipes with a high-pressure stream of water. But how is it different from, or better than, drain snaking? And how will you know when you need it? While drain snaking removes blockages, such as hairballs and...

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    Reynolds Electric and Kevin Cohen Plumbing Announce Rebranding

    Two great Oregon companies joining together under the unified brand of Reynolds Electric and Plumbing Eugene, OR, October 13, 2021 When Reynolds Electric was founded in Grants Pass back in 1964 and in Eugene in 1980, the company was based on a few core principles: family, integrity, and teamwork. When...

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    Introducing Our Streamlined Web Experience

    Reynolds Electric and Plumbing is proud to welcome you to our newly refurbished website. Redesigned to offer an increasingly user-friendly experience with a streamlined navigation and an intuitive layout, the REi website offers a clear delineation of our comprehensive range of services across the residential, commercial, and light industrial sectors....

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